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Hello there! 🙌🏼  My name is Sherry. 

I’m a travel photographer from Hong Kong. I specialize in the travel photography of historic heritage, landscapes, and hotels. I photograph in a way that not only to document places or travel stories, but also to capture their vibes, to make readers feel how it would be like to visit certain destinations.

As a person who love travelling, I enjoy exploring the history and natural environments of different places. Capturing ancient architectures and landscapes using my camera has been something I love to do since my early 20’s. I am always amazed by the sophisticated decorations and structures of historic heritage sites, as well as the scenery of nature, such as the tropical island with ivory-white sand and turquoise ocean! I want my photographs to be my readers' inspiration of their next journey, and to ​remind them how beautiful our planet earth is! 


Before I start my travel photography business, I finished a bachelor’s degree in Psychology, and then worked in a research lab as well as two tech companies. I choose travel photography finally as my career because it allows me to do what I enjoy full-time, and to fulfil my craving for creating something aesthetic and original.


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